Congratulations to all who captured the Chris Duarte Group on tape, video, CD, and photos during 1999! The documentation of the band continues to be staggering. Good recordings just keep popping up! Chris has been working out a lot of new songs and the performance of the band just keeps gettin’ better and better. Speaking of those who record shows, I’d like to talk about how to get your gear into a show where recording isn’t allowed. This requires a certain amount of sneakiness and self-confidence. There’s different approaches depending on the amount and size of the equipment you’re trying to get in. I know someone who taped a show by hollowing out a hoagie roll and bringing the deck in as a sandwich! I use the Sony WM-D3 cassette recorder for a lot of my recordings as it fits down in the crotch of my pants. The trick is to get it down in the crotch, not just down in front where they could feel it patting you down. Pull your pants down to sag more in the crotch, and untuck your shirt, too. If you go with others, have someone go in front and behind you real close. If things get hairy, the one in front should create a small diversion (like dropping something). If you go solo, carry a decoy, such as a newspaper or jacket, for them to frisk and carry on a brief conversation with the people checking tickets (“Man, they’re really workin’ you guys hard tonight!” or some other BS), but still get out of their way as quickly as possible. This works well where security is tight. Be careful with things like extra batteries and tape. Be sure to hide them also as they can be a dead giveaway. Just remember, self-confidence and a little BS can go a long way! Catch you on the next line!

- Reverend Bob



Eureka Springs, Ark. • March 13, 1999

210 minutes / cassette & video / excellent (audience tape)
Chris Duarte, John Jordan, Jimmy Way

Acoustic candlelight set: C-Butt Rock / Letter To My Girlfriend
My Way Down / Waiting For You (power comes back on)
Acoustic set: Cry, Baby Cry / How Long? / Killing Floor
Across The Borderline / The Metaphor Song / Crazy
I’ve Been Abused / See The Light / Monkey Food
Azul Ezell (Chris goes electric in the middle of the song)
Electric set: People Say / What Can I Do?
Just Kissed My Baby / Shiloh / Catfish Blues / Cleopatra
Angel / Wish You Were Here


A BIG snowstorm hit Arkansas and shut out many CDG roadtrippers from the show. Thanks to Jeff Morrow and Arthur Creech, there are tapes of this unique show! The power went out, so the first 4 songs are by candlelight. When it comes back on, the band continues an acoustic set with a great cover of the Beatle’s “Cry, Baby Cry”. It is an amazing set with a wide variety of songs, many new, and halfway thru “Azul Ezell”, Chris goes electric and proceeds to rip up the rest of the show. The electric set includes a wicked, rare “Catfish Blues” and ends with Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here’! Awesome!! The video does not include the candlelight set, but both the cassette and video are incredible!



THE BOTTLENECK, Lawrence, Kansas • March 30, 1988
45 minutes / cassette / very good+ (audience recording)
Junior Medlow & The Bad Boys: Junior Medlow, Chris Duarte, Rashio Rodriguez, Jeff Hodges, Donny Silverman

Stoop Down, Baby / Thrill For Thrill / Moments Notice / “A” for Arnie
You Really Make Me Happy / Sho’ Is A Movie To Me

One of three 1988 shows that have turned up, this one is really cool ‘cuz you get Chris workin’ out some John Coltrane material AND the late, great Jr. Medlow! Get anything you can with Junior Medlow on it. A great starting point is “Testify”, the fan club release featuring Chris, Junior, and John Jordan playing together years ago. Stop what you’re doing and order one right now, it’s that important! Jr. Medlow was a great talent and you should check out everything he did. Plus, the money from the sale of the tape goes to Junior Medlow’s family, so help out and get great music, too.



THE DOWN UNDER, Plymouth, New Hampshire • November 7, 1990
150 minutes / cassette / very good+ (audience recording)
Rebop: Chris Duarte, Jeff Hodges, Don Saviano

Tropic Joy / In The Open / I’ve Been Abused / Cool-Shakin’ Baby
Catfish Blues / See, See Baby / People Get Ready / Hideaway
Letter To My Girlfriend / Sunshine Of Your Love / Red House
Little Wing / Close To You / Parker’s Mood / Shakey Ground
Just Kissed My Baby / Slide Instrumental / Resolution

Yet another cool early show that has turned up. This is a great show with a wide variety of musical flavors. Start with a hot version of “Tropic Joy” that opens the show, throw in some smokin’ instrumentals with “In The Open” and “Cool-Shakin’ Baby”, add some Hendrix a-la “Catfish Blues” and “Red House”, and toss in some jazz with “Parker’s Mood” and “Resolution”, along with a double dose of in-your-face attitude, and you’ve got a great show! Well worth having.



ANTONE’S, Austin, Texas • August 28, 1999
150 minutes / mini-disc / excellent- (audience recording)
Chris Duarte, John Jordan, Brannen Temple

1st set: Scrawl / People Say / Letter To My Girlfriend / Tailspin
Crazy / How Long? / The Metaphor Song / Big-Legged Woman
All Night / Drivin’ South
2nd set: My Way Down / Just Kissed My Baby / Shiloh
Letter To My Girlfriend / Monkey Food / Cleopatra
The Thrill Is Gone / Hear My Train A-Comin’

A superb recording that has turned up recently, the quality is fantastic and we get several new songs like “How Long”, “Metaphor Song” (who needs “Stairway to Heaven”!), “All Night”, and “Letter To My Girlfriend”. There’s also killer versions of “Drivin’ South”, “Thrill Is Gone” and the classic “Hear My Train A-Comin”. With the group between drummers, Brannen Temple (drummer on “Texas Sugar”) fills in, giving the show a nice, spicy flavor! Whoever recorded the show, thanks for listing the equipment used (a Sharp MS-722 mini-disc recorder with a Panasonic WM-60AT mic). Great job!