Hey CDGer’s, what’s up?! Summer is here, the Bar B-Q is good, the weather is getting hot and the girls are wearing fewer clothes! My favorite time of the year. It is also time for yet another Tape Trips column. In case you haven’t heard the nasty rumors, there is a new CDG release: Tape Trips Vol. 1. This is a compilation of some of my personal favorites from the band archives. This stuff has rarely been heard before (unless you were fortunate enough to be at the show), and, in my humble opinion, it will knock your socks off! This one's a little different from the previous “Mystery” releases as they were all radio broadcasts. These are live concert recordings covering various incarnations of the CDG. In an attempt to get the best quality sound, all the tracks were cleaned up, equalized and processed through the “SoundForge” system. Chris will have them for sale at the shows after June 30th. Or you can order it right from the fan club. I hope you like it. I tried to give you a little different flavor of CDG than you would get from the record company! I am hoping this will be the first volume in an ongoing series. I hope it does well so we can do many more. Drop us a note at the fanclub and let us know what you think. I would like to hear your feedback on it. You can reach me at revbobj@hotmail.com. Support the band and get one today! If you like it, buy a couple of extras and give them out to family and friends, they make great gifts!

On a personal note: To all the CDG fans who live up in the Rocky Mountains, I hope you have all been spared and haven't lost property, pets, or loved ones to the fires. My thoughts are with you. Be strong!

See you on the road,

Reverend Bob


Oh yeah! Here's some shows you should check out…


MINNESOTA MUSIC CAFE • Minneapolis, Minnesota • November 11, 2000
Source: CDR • Chris Duarte • Robert Kearns • Jason Patterson
with special guest Bernard Allison

Soundcheck / Scrawl / Crazy / Crimino / Big Legged Woman / All Night
Free 4 Me / Shiloh (includes Tin Pan Alley) / Drivin’ South / Watch Out
Baddness / My Way Down / Cleopatra

This is a really nice show released on the Home Grown label by Jim and Melissa Hassing. I don’t know for sure what kind of equipment Jim used to record this one but it has great sound all the way through! It also has the added benefit of the soundcheck which is always cool to have. The opener for this show was Bernard Allison (Luther’s son) and he sits in during "Shiloh" and eventually turns it into "Tin Pan Alley", which is a nice rare treat. We also get a killer 17+ minute version of "Watch Out". The whole show is a cooker all the way through and well worth having. If you’ve got something to trade you could probably look Jim up and work out a trade with him. He and Melissa are both real cool people and I think you could probably work something out. He also did a real nice job on the artwork on this one. Big thumbs up! And speaking of Thums...


THUMS • Concord, New Hampshire • November 2, 1994
Source: cassette tapeChris Duarte • John Jordan • Paul Mills

First Set: Opening Instrumental / Cool-Shakin’ Baby / Letter To My Girlfriend / Crazy / Catch The Next Line / Scrawl / That’s Alright
Let’s Have A Party / Sunshine Of Your Love / Poison / Shakespeare
Wild Thing / I’ve Been Abused / Across The Borderline / People Get Ready
Second Set: Hideaway / Killing Floor / Just Kissed My Baby
Brand New Day / I Wonder Why? / Dancing Days
Sitting Here Waiting For You / My Way Down / The Sky Is Crying
Manic Depression / Take It To The Lord

This is one of many great early Thum’s shows. Robert Weilund, who has a very interesting recording technique, recorded this one. He explained it to me once as this…
One feed comes off the soundboard patched into a Y connector and runs into the left channel of his cassette deck. The other feed is from two audience microphones that run into a Y and go into the right channel of his cassette deck. Then when he gets it home he does a final mix of audience and soundboard. However he does it, he has made some outstanding recordings of Chris. This particular show is long (two sets, three hours and twenty minutes), and has lots of Howlin’ Wolf and other surprises as well. Just the way I like ‘em. In the first set we get a rippin’ "Cool Shakin’ Baby", a nice slinky rendition of "Sunshine Of Your Love", a sweet version of "Poison (Commit A Crime)", a Wolf classic and one of my own personal faves. Chris throws in a little Shakespeare during a string change for a little flavor. "Wild Thing"? When was the last time you heard a kick butt version of that one? It’s on here. A very rare performance of John Hiatt’s "Across The Borderline" followed by an incredible "People Get Ready" complete with a long guitar intro. And as if that weren’t enough, in the second set we get the incredibly rare "Dancing Days" (yeah, I’m talking Led Zeppelin here). It’s a little choppy but it’s all there, and hearing it takes me right back to high school in the back seat of my Gremlin X with…Another rarity, "Sitting Here Waiting For You", is a Texas shuffle with a nice swing to it. It’s a cool song. The version of "Manic Depression" on this show has a slowed-down stroll sort of groove to it that works real well, and they finish off the night with a beautiful version of the Chris Duarte/Jr. Medlow classic, "Take It To The Lord", heartfelt and soulful as always. This show goes to eleven, and there is none more. Find it, it’s well worth having!


Colorado Music Hall • Colorado Springs, Colorado • October 12, 1997
Source: cassette tape • Chris Duarte • John Jordan • Erick Tatuaka
photos by Paul #1 Wamboldt

Cool Shakin’ Baby (Chris sitting in with Dirty Pool) / .32 Blues
Scrawl / Letter To My Girlfriend / The Thrill Is Gone / Crazy
People Say / Big- Legged Woman / Crimino / Shiloh / My Way Down
Walls / Cleopatra /
Encores: Azul Ezell / Crash

This may be one of the cleanest shows ever produced by my trusty little Sony D3. I was in the sweetspot when I recorded this one and it came out nice! The Colorado Music Hall has great acoustics, which helps a lot also. The recording opens up with Chris sitting in with Dirty Pool (the opening act). Chris and Paul Shelloe trade licks for awhile on "Cool-Shakin’ Baby" before the CDG takes the stage and opens with a gut-wrenching ".32 Blues". We get some standards before working into a smooth version of "The Thrill Is Gone", followed by "Crazy" with Eric helping out on background vocals. We also get a nice funky version of the Meters cover "People Say", and, of course, the standard yawner, "Big-Legged Woman". The version of "Shiloh" on this recording will bring tears to your eyes, it’s that good! Chris came out and sat right on the front of the stage while he played it and it has a real nice personal feel to it. A real grungy version of "Walls" should keep the power chord enthusiasts happy. Both of the encores are great. Erick’s drumming on "Azul Ezell" drives the song perfectly. It cooks!!! "Crash" is destined to be a rock classic! The dunderheads at the record company haven’t figured it out yet. Once they do, it will be right up there with Stairway and Freebird. Remember, you heard it here first! It is a song that was written for and about the drummer in Big Sugar, Walter “Crash” Peyton, who died of a heart attack while opening a show for the Chris Duarte Group one night. Right now it is only available on the Japanese version of Tailspin/Headwack, but hopefully Chris will put it out on a future release and it will get the recognition it deserves. The band is really on this night and the whole performance is crisp and clean. This would make a nice addition to any CDG collection. If you’re interested, get in touch with me at the fan club and we’ll work out a trade! (And dig those crazy fingernails in the photo below!)

— Reverend Bob