updated 2/20/17

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5/21 - THE SPORTSMENS TAVERN - Buffalo, New York
5/23 - CLAM MAN'S PARTY HOUSE - Seneca Falls, New York
5/24 - ABILENE BAR & LOUNGE - Rochester, New York
5/25 - THE HUNGRY TIGER - Manchester, Connecticut
5/28 - THE BRICKHOUSE - Scarborough, Maine
12/02 - THE CODA CONCERT HOUSE - Joplin, Missouri
12/03 - THE CODA CONCERT HOUSE - Joplin, Missouri


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...and keep your eyes peeled for local in-store appearances, radio broadcasts, and live internet streaming when the Chris Duarte Group is playing in your area. They often play live over the radio or perform at an in-store appearance as well as other impromptu events. I try to post these unusual and interesting gigs ahead of time, so if you hear of one in your area please e-mail me at cdgfans@ix.netcom.com and I'll put it up here on the 'ol CDG website.

Please let me know if you have recorded any radio/TV appearances or other stuff, I am always looking to add to the CDG Archives located here