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Chris Duarte's 13th album "Lucky 13" was released in October and has been rockin' the airwaves, especially on college stations, and receiving great reviews. The band has been performing several tracks from Lucky 13 such as "Jump The Trane", "Angry Man", and "Crazy For Your Love". Their tour schedule is as relentless as ever (click here)The band is tighter and more explosive than ever, go see them live with some friends. Better yet, turn on someone who's never been to a CDG show before! And get ten copies of this album, it's a smoker!

Here's some recent reviews:

THE SOUND Guitar Magazine (pdf file)




And here's a cool interview with Chris: Best Blues Guitar Lessons Online

And here's some video clips from the tour:

Jump The 'Trane

Metaphor Song

One More Cup Of Coffee

Manic Depression

Minefield In My Mind

And much more!

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Chris bought this giant 'Lady of Guadalupe' in July of 2013 at the Tall Cities Music Festival in Midland, Texas. At a recent San Antonio gig he proudly displayed her on stage as a guitar stand. She stands about 3-1/2 ft. and is a sight to behold! She's plaster and handpainted in an American Folk style.










Reverend Bob's Bootleg Show on YouTube...

The Rev can be seen on YouTube and will show you the ins and outs of the mystical world of bootlegs. He has clips of the Chris Duarte Group and others (there's hundreds of recordings of the Chris Duarte Group that have been amassed over the years). Rev Bob, who brought you the "Tape Trips" fan club cds a few years back, as well as the TAPE TRIPS pages on this website, can be seen on these exciting, action-packed episodes:

Episode 1: Introduction to the Reverend Bob Bootleg Show

Episode 2: Legal Ramifications / The Difference between a Pirate and a Bootleg

Episode 3: Equipment Reviews / How to Record Streaming Audio

plus he's put up a cool clip of Chris Duarte doing an in-store appearance here Don't touch that dial!


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This, That,
The Other

A wicked compilation from the Chris Duarte Group archives that includes outtakes from "Only One" and "Tailspin Headwhack", home demos, live cuts, and radio appearances, plus three studio tracks of Chris Duarte recording with the band Mama (for more on this interesting musical collaboration, click here). And click here for a wild, free-ranging interview with Kelly Montana, Chris Duarte, and Jeff Leonetti about the Mama project. Order your copy of this limited-edition, factory-pressed cd - and help support the cost of this website as well - by clicking here.



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