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The Chris Duarte Group is on the road across the good 'ol U.S. of A. in promotion of their latest album "Lucky 13" (get dates here). The band has been performing several new songs among other surprises. Grab some friends and catch a show, you'll witness sonic mayhem that can only be produced by the Chris Duarte Group! During some recent July and August shows Yoshi Ogasahara, the bassist from the Japanese band Bluestone, played bass for the Chris Duarte Group (photos below). Yoshi was always a fan fave and his collaborations with Chris Duarte are wonderful! Please send in some concert reviews and photos at and I'll post them here. Or mail them to: Chris Duarte Group Fan Club, 939 Revere Street, Aurora, CO 80011 (I know it's often hard to write a review and get past the usual superlatives such as "Incredible!", "Blown away!", "Amazing!", so write about your roadtrip to the show or even what pants you wore!)





Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Here's a collage of shots from the show! Yoshi Ogasahara was on tour with the Chris Duarte Group for some shows in July and August. It was great to see him again with Chris, they have a natural chemistry together. Chris will be going to Japan with Yoshi in November for a tour. Actor James Woods (photo above) was also in attendance at this show!

Photos by Brian Douglas





Manchester, Connecticut

Here's some more great shots from this hairy tour!

Photos by Brian Douglas



Palmer, Massachusetts

The Chris Duarte Group made their third appearance on this show. It is always beautifully filmed with full, rich sound - a CDG fan's dream! Click below for videos from this broadcast:

Ain't Gonna' Hurt No More

Angry Man

You Know That You're Wrong - Minefield Of My Mind

Bb Blues

You Suck!

For No One

Jump The 'Trane

Metaphor Song

Crazy For Your Love


Yes, It's You

Wasting Away

Plus an interview (here and here) with Art Tipaldi of "Blues Music" magazine!




Willington, Connecticut

Check out this wicked setlist!

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - With A Little Help from My Friends
Jump The Trane / Scrawl / Watch Out / It Comes To Me Naturally
Hard Mind / Kohima Ridge / Star-Spangled Banner / Manic Depression
Sunshine Of Your Love / Bb Blues / Hold Back The Tears / Drivin' South
Voodoo Child / Leave Her Be / Crazy / I Love You So Madly
Open Up Your Back Door / Drifting Away / Wasting Away / Hideaway
Let's Have A Party / Show Me That You Want It / Metaphor Song / Little Wing
Yes, It's You / Satisfy / Boogaloo / Angry Man / My Way Down
Hey Joe / Catfish Blues / Make Me Feel So Right

Photo by John Dadalt






Manchester, Connecticut

1st Set: Jump The 'Trane / Ain't Gonna Hurt No More / Angry Man
Ridin' / Here I Come / Big-Legged Woman / Do The Romp
Let's Have A Party / I Bucked It Up / Tailspin Headwack
Show Me That You Want It / Metaphor Song / Wasting Away / Fire
That's Alright / Screenwriter's Blues
2nd Set: Bb Blues / The Best That I Can Do / Letter To My Girlfriend
Leave My Soul Alone / One More Cup Of Coffee
Minefield Of My Mind / For No One / I Love You So Madly
Setting Sun / Sundown Blues / My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric

Photos by John Dadalt













Islip, New York

Well, it was a sensational night and it has taken me this long to recover (that's when you know you had a good time). I drove down Montauk Highway, remembering when it was a dirt road, and had never been to Treme/Islip. I had to make this one because I first saw Chris Duarte twenty years ago when I heard "Cleopatra". The song wrapped around me like a serpent and I was hooked. And I was hooked on that guitar and have been following him ever since. The last time was a couple of years ago at The Riverhead Blues Festival. Oh yeah, we all remember "sounds like Stevie Ray", "a little like Hendrix", but it was the psychedelic picking he did that got me off. I sat there at The Stephen Talkhouse maybe seven times and saw him erupt before me many a night. Then I followed him into the Japanese progressive phase and took a bunch of friends and tried to show them what a great guitarist he was, but when he came over with Bluestone and their music wit just wasn't for me. Chris Duarte is a player that truly excels in a trio. So now he is back in his comfortable trio with Dustin Sargent on bass and John McKnight on drums. I had my reserved seat at the bar. Treme/Islip is a very nice place with nice lighting and an intimate setting for a band of Chris's ability. He was very tight in the first set and did some of his Texas shuffle blues that got people moving right away. It seemed everyone was familiar with "Big- Legged Woman" and "My Way Down". The songs from the classic first two albums are what everyone remembers the most. Chris invited Phil Varca from the legendary blues band Phil Varca & The SlamJammers. His muscular approach to the blues fit perfectly with Duarte's licks. One of the hardest things as a guitarist is to sing and play and Chris's vocals have come a long way. He knows where he can go with his voice and where he can't. But sitting there on the night of B.B. King's death, I would not have wanted to be anywhere else. So twenty years later, it is still Chris Duarte and yes he is among the top blues players out there, and yes he is self taught, and yes he still packs it all up in a van and ekes out a living. But it felt like a happening last night in Islip and the monitors buzz attested to that. I left and saw Chris guzzling water in the parking lot between the second and third set and told him thanks for coming out. Still a very warm personality and is eager to please. "Lucky 13" is his new album, representing thirteen studio albums that he has presented. Here's hoping that Chris makes his way east again and Treme/Islip has more shows with top-named acts. Sometimes it's those musicians that travel under the radar that prove to be the most inspiring and work the hardest. Well if you want to see a musician do just that - and you like Stevie Ray and Hendrix and Trower and Santana and electric jazz guitar and psychedelic guitar - get out and see a show. Thank God there are musicians left like Chris Duarte who do not get defeated by the corporate game that plays with talent. He has come into his own, and like he said to me last night, "I'm determined, Gerard. I ain't done yet." We should all have a passion for something that makes us say at a certain point in our lives those exact words. Later....

- review by Gerard Hill, photo by Anthony Novello


...and here's some more comments on this show...

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris again at Treme, a very cool little place in Islip, NY.For those of us points east on Long Island, it is a pleasure not to have to travel to Manhattan for every artist we want to see. Chris was his usual back-side kicking self, with his backing band staying right with him. The set list was more modern for him, particularly since I had gotten used to listening to shows from 2002-2010. He mixed up some gems from the past (Letter To My Girlfriend, My Way Down) to keep some of us happy just the same. His tone was as good as I have heard from him, and he just wailed, whether it was the quiet passages or the roar through the ether. The man doesn't repeat himself. I imagine I can speak for many of us who are eternally grateful for someone who keeps exploring, surprising, pushing and plain tearing it up in this day and age. Thank you Chris!!! Now, if we (the community) can just make it worth his while to keep coming out this direction! Be well, all!

- John Tsouris













Colorado Springs, Colorado

1st Set: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - With A Little Help from My Friends / I'll Never Know
Letter To My Girlfriend /
Scrawl / Let's Have A Party / I Bucked It Up / Get Outta' My Way
Dreaming Of Tomorrow /
Satisfy / Bb Blues
2nd Set: Jump The Trane / Turn Your Lights Down Low / Angry Man / Show Me That You Want It
Wasted Away / Crazy / Metaphor Song / I've Been Abused /
You Suck! / Screenwriter's Blues
3rd Set: Hideaway / Yes, It's You / It Comes To Me Naturally
Leave My Soul Alone - One More Cup Of Coffee - Minefield Of My Mind
For No One / My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric

The second night of the recent Colorado tour was at a new club in Colorado Springs called The Sick Puppy. I'm not sure what the whole story behind this place is, but apparently it used to be a PT's Strip Club. When you walk in it still has that "strip club" vibe. I was hit with a sudden urge to ask for a lap dance but couldn't find anybody with those skills. My waitress was nice enough to sell me some very mediocore Pretzel Cheese Curds for a $9 price tag. She pretty much demanded payment right then. I guess my $3 tip on my $9 cheese curd tab was not satisfactory enough. She literally grabbed my money, looked at how much was there, and walked away in a huff. Didn't see her again all night. The club boasted about having the third best sound system in the country. Not sure what country, but I don't think it was here. The sound was very muddy and had a ton of big boomy echo on it. The fact that there were only 32 people in this monsterious barn might have had something to do with that. The state-of-the-art expensive "light show" went everywhere except the stage. Continual bombardment directly in the eyes with LED's all night was somewhat obnoxious. It gave Craig (my cohort in crime) a headache and he split to the side of the stage to get away from it. A "word up" to the house DJ at The Sick Puppy, when you book a show that is concidered "blues rock", the crowd DOES NOT want to listen to extremely loud techno mash-ups between each set. If Chris plays there again, how about maybe some Buddy Guy, or even, God forbid, some B.B. King? C'mon dude! Get a clue! And did I mention the place is extremely hard to find even with two GPS systems??? OK, sorry, enough rant (It's part of the review ya know)...

Chris, Dustin and John opened the first set with a great version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" followed of course by "With A Little Help From My Friends"! What a great way to start a show! I've been going to see the CDG perform for a little over 23 years and that was a first! We were treated to three great sets at this show! Three hours of sweet sonic power! The evening was a great assortment of tunes. From the brand new "Wastin' Away" and Ramones-inspired "You Suck!" (a new personal favorite), to a rebirth and dusting off of "The Metaphor Song", even more trippy and psychedelic than before! The second set started off with the new instrumental "Jump The 'Trane". Then right into a great rendition of the Hank Ballard classic "Open Up Your Back Door". The second set also included the two aformentioned new songs before winding up with "Screenwriter's Blues"! Nothin' but great! The third set opened with the Texas state anthum, Freddie King's "Hideaway", followed by "Yes, It's You" from the My Soul Alone release. "It Comes To Me Naturally" gave the crowd a little dance time before gettin' into the serious biz! It started out a nice little jam, "Leave My Soul Alone", then worked its way into "One More Cup Of Coffee" and into a blistering "Minefield Of My Mind"! They brought everybody back down to earth with another Beatles classic, "For No One", before heading into the triple threat of "My Way Down", "Cleopatra" and "Like Eric" that closed out the show with all three of them "playing their asses off" as promised! Nothin' but the best!

- photos and review by Robert Johnson

I've posted videos from the show on the The Rev. Bob Channel on You Tube. Click here!

- and here's another pithy review from Craig Keyzer...

This was easily the most comfortable show I have ever seen! I literally watched the entire concert reclined on my own personal sofa! The Sick Puppy Saloon is a new club way east of Colorado Springs and quite a trick to find. There's no sign for it and it is tucked away in a 1970's-style warehouse with a stone exterior. You open the two large crescent moon doorhandles and enter into what seems like a Hollywood movie set. Everything is spotless and brand new. Black leather and chrome were everywhere and dozens of leather sofas were scattered throughout the cavernous interior. Giant LED screens lined the walls and there were several private rooms with glass walls and two huge bars. A sunken dance floor lay dead center and a giant robotic lighting rig swirled overhead. I expected John Travolta to come out at any minute! Then it dawned on me that this must've been a high-end strip joint before being renovated into a club. It looked like the kind of place Tony Montana or Pablo Escobar would frequent. Up until showtime the place was deserted except for a few CDG diehards. There was probably no more than 50 people all night long (and on a Saturday night!). Shoved off into a far corner above the dance floor our intrepid band set up to play. They all had bemused expressions on their face at the club's decor and low turnout. Nonetheless, rested and ready, they tore into a hearty version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - With A Little Help From My Friends"!!!! This was the last night of the tour and they were ready to tear it up. Unfortunately for those in attendance, a hyper disco-loving DJ was at the controls of the powerful lighting machine above and went crazy with it. It pulsated and swirled and spit out dancing patterns on the empty floor non-stop. The band was elevated across the room so you had to look up at just enough of an angle to be blasted by the super-bright rotating lights of the lighting robot pod hanging from the ceiling. Every second you had a bright blast of light in your eyes like a flashbulb. To get a taste, click here (I dare you, I double-dog dare you!) After the opening song I was getting queasy and decided to make my move. With sofas galore to choose from, I reclined horizontally along the wall like a couch potato, just a mere fifteen feet away from the band, and watched the rest of the show as if it were a 3D pay-per-view! The obnoxious, epilepsy-inducing lightbot was behind me and I really dug the rest of the show as they plowed through their catalog. It was balls-to-the-walls with superb playing by all. The band was firing on all cylinders and Chris was on fire! They did a faster tempo version of the new song "Wasted Away" which was much better than the night before. It was really swingin' with its salsa polka-style beat. Another highlight was a long, spacey "One More Cup Of Coffee" that turned into "Minefield Of My Mind" - craaazy! The band played three sets that night and in between each one the disco DJ cranked up the sound system and played "house" and disco music as he played with his irritating robotic lighting. He was really into it and himself as he pounded us over the head with such "classics" as "Beat It" and "Ice, Ice, Baby" and even a house version of "Whole Lotta' Love"! Ugh! Probably the weirdest place I have ever seen a Chris Duarte show (yet the most comfortable)! Comfortably Numb!

- photos and review by Craig Keyzer


...and here's some thoughts from Chris Duarte himself regarding this unusual show...

After getting to our hotel in Colorado Springs I checked my itinerary to see how far we are from the club for load in. The Sick Puppy is a new venue for me in Colorado Springs and we’re staying out by the airport, another new area I never get out to in this town. My phone app has the club come up as ‘Appaloosa Gentleman’s Club’. Hmmm, Okaaay….this should be interesting. Tucked away near the airport on some back streets off the main road it is a large box building adorned with cosmetic embellishments to the outside and with a grand gesture towards the entrance with double wood doors and rather exotic oversized handles to give the impression you’re entering into a lavish opulent environment. An ostensible pretentious display is the thought that comes to my mind. Upon going inside to see where the stage is located it’s obviously a former strip club. Hard shiny surfaces all around with lots of couch-like seats combined with the same upholstered chairs coupled with tables for your drinks, all along the periphery of the large dance floor that dominates the middle of this rectangular structure. The dance floor is a ‘step-down’ affair after you’ve entered the club. There’s even ‘private’ glassed rooms that give the appearance of ‘stadium boxes’ lined against the wall on the entrance level, each one with couch and chairs inside that have reclined angles to the furniture as opposed to the 90’angle of the dance floor chairs and couches. I suppose to allow the occupant to recline, so to speak, and give access to someone who might be sitting on them or even hovering near them? Yes this place has all the other things, fog machines to accentuate the huge rotating light extravaganza machine located high above the dance floor and a large bar dominating one long side of the rectangle and another bar placed off in a slightly segregated area on the opposite side from where we’re to play. Our stage is but just a corner of this club. There are couches behind my amp where only the hardiest of guitar nerds would sit. It’s a clumsy set up but not the first awkward club transition I’ve played in. Not sure who took over this place when they decided to make it a dance/live music venue but it still has some tweaking to do…a lot of tweaking. There’s been a considerable investment put into it because the entire place has the ‘Sick Puppy’ mascot in the carpeting. It’s what looks like a Bulldog puppy with its tongue hanging out like it ate something bad. Like I said, we’re in the corner and even though the area is demarked by monitors and cables on the ground, the wait staff continues to just come on through as we’re setting up. The traffic does stop during our performance, thankfully, but it was just weird having drinks and attractive girls coming through while I was laying down my pedals and such. Plus, the DJ booth to my immediate right announced us at the beginning of each set. We’ve done pretty well here in the Colorado Springs area these past several years but location does make a difference and I’m not feeling confident about our usual clientele showing up at this venue. Given its large size, unless you’ve got at least 100 people here, the crowd is going to be sucked up and made to appear rather small. I was right. We did have our usual stalwarts and fans that showed up but not the usual size crowd which we enjoyed up in the mountains at Crystola in Woodland Park. After our soundcheck I was a bit worried because the drums had horrible rings and low frequencies standing out and I knew all the hard surfaces inside were going to wreak havoc with any sort of quality mix. Once more into the breach dear friends, once more….Well to my pleasant surprise I was having fun at this club. The crowd was small, the light show a bit distracting at times, and the DJ with his exaggerated ‘It’s-a-full-ass-party-going-on-in-this-place!’ voice, my amp sounded pretty good and I could hear everything. When I can hear everything and the tone is good I start to have fun. We blew through our 3 sets and I was just taking more and more musical chances as the night went on. A fitting end to this run, albeit an unusual venue, a fitting end nonetheless. Till then...

- Chris Duarte



Golden, Colorado

Ain't Gonna' Hurt No More / Angry Man / Make Me Feel So Right / Yes, It's You / Metaphor Song
Crazy / Bottle Blues / The Best That I Can Do /
Wasted Away / Fire / Dreaming Of Tomorrow
You Know You're Wrong / It Comes To Me Naturally /
One More Cup Of Coffee - Minefield Of My Mind
For No One / My Way Down / *Sittin' Here, Baby / *The Thrill Is Gone (*with Scotty Bratcher)

The recent performance by the CDG during their first night back in Colorado was nothing short of exceptional (as usual). The Buffalo Rose is a great venue to see them in with a nice elevated stage, a big dance floor and a great sound system (it sounds good out front, but the soundboard wiring needs to be professionally repaired - it's a mess!) We also had the added benefit of the sound wizard, hisownbadself, Michael Tomaskovic flying in to mix the sound for the show! If Michael is there, you know it's going to be good! The whole evening was a fun blues-rock extraviganza that started out with The Scotty Bratcher Band coming all the way from Ohio and bringing their own special can of whoopass to open the night! Their originals were substantial and well put together and the version of "Funk #49" that went into a smokin' extended Led Zeppelin medley had me smilin' ear to ear! I may be gettin' old, but I still love to get that blown away feeling when I see an incredible live performance! Thanks Scotty! Next up to the plate was a local Denver favorite, Michael Hornbuckle! We got a smokin' version of "This Train Is Bound For Glory" and a great "In My Time Of Dying"! A personal favorite, the Robin Trower classic "Too Rolling Stoned" and a nice selection of originals as well! Well, I told you about the gravy, and you heard about the let's get down to the bone!

What can I say, but I love going to see the CDG perform live! I've been at it for a little over 23 years now and can honestly say I have NEVER seen a bad show! The amount of energy and dedication to their craft these guys have never ceases to blow me away! I have, on many occasions, seen them drive across the country, 700 miles+, pull into a club, unload, set up their own equipment, and then put on a show that most other live performers can't even touch on a great night - and be smiling and talking to fans and signing autographs afterwards! This night at The Buffalo Rose was no exception. We got a great selection of new material off the Lucky 13 release, plus an old personal favorite, "The Metaphor Song", was put back into the rotation with some new fire in it, and a new track that Chris referred to as "an homage to my Latino roots" titled "Wastin' Away", definitely a new style for the guys! Then right into "FIRE"! You know when Chris whips out the Hendrix, it's gonna be good! They worked into a nice jam that included "One More Cup Of Coffee", "Minefield Of My Mind", and finishing out with the Beatles' "For No One"! They threw in a cool "My Way Down" before THE GRAND FINALE!!!
Chris invited Scotty Bratcher up on stage to sit in on a great tribute to Mr. B.B. King (R.I.P.) that started out with the song "Waitin' On You" and, to finish the night, an incredible "The Thrill Is Gone"! Chris and Scotty working it out on a little axe slingin' and lick tradin'! It was..............COOL! Those of you that were there know!
BUT, for those of you that weren't, have no fear! Through the miracle of modern technology, you can now pull up the show on you computer, crank it up to eleven, and enjoy the next best thing! The videos for Scotty Bratcher and the complete CDG show are posted on The Rev. Bob Channel on You Tube (click here) and don't forget to leave a "thumbs up" if you like what you see!

- photos and review by Robert Johnson


...and here's another review of this gig from Craig Keyzer...

Golden, Colorado

Ain't Gonna' Hurt No More / Angry Man / Make Me Feel So Right / Yes, It's You / Metaphor Song
Crazy / Bottle Blues / The Best That I Can Do /
Wasted Away / Fire / Dreaming Of Tomorrow
You Know You're Wrong / It Comes To Me Naturally /
One More Cup Of Coffee - Minefield Of My Mind
For No One / My Way Down / *Sittin' Here, Baby / *The Thrill Is Gone (*with Scotty Bratcher)

The Chris Duarte Group were back at the Buffalo Rose only this time longtime fan and sound engineer Mike Tomaskovic was at the helm of the soundboard tonight! He is absolutely one of the best turd polishers around and made the sound perfect for the show. It was the best I've heard Chris sound in ages, way to go Mike! The band seemed a bit road-tired but played hard regardless. Chris hit a few clams but more than made up for it in sheer intensity. It was one continuous show with no encore (due to two opening bands) but ended with a touching tribute by Chris to B.B. King (who now passed away on 5/13). He invited Scotty Bratcher up onstage, the guitarist from one of the opening bands who had ended their set with a perfect, giant medley of Led Zeppelin songs that probably went on for twenty minutes. Together they did two B.B. King songs including the hottest version of "The Thrill Is Gone" you'll ever hear! Click here to see a video of it! The band sounded great and the new songs from "Lucky 13" are coming into their own. We even heard a new song called "Wasted Away", a tex-mex work in progress. A great little show and it was great to see Dustin Sargent and John McKnight solidifying into a fantastic, solid rhythm section behind Chris! With that kind of reliable powerhouse backing up one of the world's greatest guitarists sparks will fly!

- photos and review by Craig Keyzer





...and here's some thoughts from Chris Duarte himself regarding the show...

Golden of course is known as the home of Coors beer. It’s also quite the quaint little town with its downtown area done up and beautified recently. I don’t know what the town looked like before, but judging by its appearance now it bears all the hallmarks of recent urban beautification. When you’ve been in as many cities as I have you see this happen again and again with new sidewalks being put in, the parking scheme and layout changed, trees planted and the street signs switched to a more retro look - it’s all pretty much out of the same ‘Urban Renewal Changes’ playbook. One thing it definitely has that is not in the playbook are the mountains, a gorgeous attribute that plays well here in Golden. Our gig is at the Buffalo Rose. We load in and what I like about the ‘Rose’ is its size. Nice big stage and monitor guy right by me on my side of the stage and a good PA too. My friend Mike Tomoskovic is coming in to run sound for us. I’ve known Mike since my popular days back in Chicago when I used to have good size crowds. Mike would run sound for me on occasion as he was just starting out doing the engineer thing. Over the years he’s moved up the ladder and has had some impressive gigs with acts like AC/DC, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, Dark Star Orchestra, and Buddy Guy. We set up and then we’ve got a couple of bands on before us. Both bands have people I’ve met in my preceding years of my career. Scotty Bratcher is out of Ohio and told me he started listening to me at age 4. Wow, 4! Then there was Mike Hornbuckle, a local Denver artist who's won some regional accolades and awards for his recent self-produced album. I did listen to it a bit and he does have some good songs. He also met me when he was young. It freaks me out at times when I meet young up-and-coming artists at my shows who thank me as a small influence to their playing. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of (besides World Domination and a fat bank account). Although the crowd isn’t as big as it was back in December, it’s still respectable. It wasn’t very long ago that we were here so I’m thankful for the people who showed up. My friend has got the front house sounding good and the monitors are doing fine by me. We rip through our set and then Scotty sits in with us at the end of the night. Scotty does an admirable job on both rhythm and lead with mature phrasing and complimentary comping behind me. You don’t often see players of his age with rounded stage skills. It’s usually a sign of better things to come for his future. The night being over we pack up and return to our hotel. The night has a bit of coolness to it and the stars are out dotting the black cloudless heavens. We’ve just got one more gig on this western run, Colorado Springs here we come...

– Chris Duarte




Omaha, Nebraska

As I pulled into the lot at the 21st Amendment, the first thing that I saw was the white CDG van with a pair of feet sticking out from underneath. We later found out that the feet belonged to Chris Duarte and that the van needed a new starter! What a multi-talented band! The Chris Duarte Group was in fine form, playing about 3 ½ hours, and regaling us with a mix of old and new including "Leave My Soul Alone", "One More Cup Of Coffee" and "Minefield Of My Mind" without a break inbetween. The rap version of "Screenwriter's Blues" was entertaining as always and the end-of-show combo of "Cleopatra-Like Eric" is a winner to close out the night. "People Say" as an encore can't be beat either.

- review and photos by Thomas Joyce




















Joplin, Missouri

I tore the wall down between my kitchen and living room/dining room and turned it into a house concert venue. Found a couple theater curtains in Dallas that I cut to size to cover the walls, some LED stage lights, and a good sound system. Doesn't get much more intimate than that! :-) The show was awesome! Despite the snow, people were here from 7 states. Chris played from 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. to a great crowd that stayed the whole night and gave Chris the respect and attention he deserves. Dustin played the acoustic set on an old Kay stand-up bass we had waiting for him. The CDG are already rebooked for Sunday, March 6th, 2016! (Editor's note: Be there or be square!)

- comments from Jeff Morrow, photo by Jeremy Scherle







Chris Duarte prior to a meet-and-greet at Ripple in Roanoke, Virginia on January 9th.













Crystola, Colorado

1st Set (1st song missing): Ain't Gonna' Hurt No More / Angry Man / Letter To My Girlfriend / Ridin'
Alabama / Let's Have A Party / Leave My Soul Alone-One More Cup Of Coffee-Minefield Of My Mind
For No One / You Know You're Wrong /
2nd Set: Hideaway / The Best That I Can Do / Make Me Feel So Right / Yes, It's You / Sweet Little Girl
Here I Come / Screenwriter's Blues /
My Way Down / It Comes To Me Naturally / The Beverly Hillbillies
Blitzkrieg Bop - You Suck! / Cleopatra - Like Eric
Encore: People Say

I missed the first song as I walked quickly from the parking lot trying to set up my tape deck while electrified CDG notes blasted from the inside. The song ended as I entered the Crystola Roadhouse, but judging by the smell of burnt wood lingering in the air, my guess is it was a scorcher like "Jump The Trane" or some other jumpin' instrumental! This is my favorite kind of club, one built out of wood, but unfortunately it has a squirrely layout when it comes to seats. If you don't get there early, you end up waaay back. I had to work until 5:00 and then picked up Rev. Bob in Denver and hauled ass down to Colorado Springs. We hung a right up into the mountains and zig-zagged our way past Pikes Peak and Manitou Cave and up to the Crystola Roadhouse, powersliding sideways into a parking space in a cloud of dust. With no opening band we were lucky to have only missed the first song. The place was packed, but luckily for us Chris let us have the band table up front to the left of the stage - and when I say up front, I mean up front, so that Chris's amp is a mere two feet away and he is actually playing to your side or even past you. His vocals are more distant and the drums are more natural and less amplified. The bass is secondary to it all and what you end up hearing is Chris's guitar first and foremost. It was an amazing, intimate lesson in guitar playing. I don't think, out of all the shows I've ever seen, that I have ever been this close to his guitar amps. I heard songs in a whole new way and heard things in songs I hadn't heard before, things you can only hear if you are right next to the amp. You could hear his fingers on the strings and how stunningly intricate the solos were and how imaginative and powerful his playing is. Truly, one of the greatest guitarists ever! The band played some new material from "Lucky 13" such as "Ain't Gonna' Hurt No More' and "You Know You're Wrong". Being a huge Ramones fan, I was smacked upside the head by the machinegun burst of "Blitzkrieg Bop" which somersaulted into "You Suck!" The band closed the show with a superbadass "People Say" that elevated the whole building three inches above the ground. Walking back to the car afterwards, Bob noticed a perfect footprint on my ass that mysteriously matched the tread on the shoes Chris Duarte wore that night! Hot damn tamale, what a show!

- photos by Reverend Bob, review of Chris's amp by Craig Keyzer

...and check out Rev. Bob's video of this show HERE

















Golden, Colorado

I drank another cup of coffee on my way crosstown to the Buffalo Rose in Golden, snuggled up against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and home of Coors beer. This was the first time Chris had played this venue and by the time I arrived, the place was filled and every seat was gone - and it's a big club! It also had a big stage which was tastefully backlit by a giant screen. Luckily, Reverend Bob had saved me a seat, having had to fend off numerous zombies who wanted the extra chair. I got there just in the nick of time as the band walked onstage. There was a banister just behind my head and I set up my tapedeck on a tripod and hit start. The band blasted out of the gates, the sound loud and well mixed. As I sat back down in the chair, the one the Rev. had defended so graciously, I showed my thanks by drifting off to sleep with my eyes open (that's what happens when you're a postal worker during the humongous Xmas crunch, you sit in a chair for one second and it's lights out!). In a spinning whirlpool of music I floated on my back, drifting deeper and deeper with each passing note. Hell, I probably even snored in 4/4 time! I only remember vivid blobs of color that came and went with the music, briefly taking human form and then dissolving away. The music was a warm shimmering, ephereal wall of sound - at once familiar and other times distant and fluid. As I orbited beyond Pluto I heard a big, fat, smokin' jam with Chris and a well-dressed young man named Austin Young. They played together once before at the Crystola Roadhouse and Chris graciously let him shine on a 17-minute jam session. This time out Chris just blazed him. It'll be cool to see what Austin's got up his sleeve a few years from now, he's a good player. The full-out atomic heat of "Like Eric" jolted me back to the real world. Every tiny molecule of sleep was wrung out of my thick skull with that one! I have foggy recollections of what the band played, but I know it must've been intense by the hushed murmurs of the stunned audience afterwards as they shook their heads in amazement and shuffled out into the night. I stood up, stretched and grabbed my tapedeck. Turkey feathers! With a pissed-at-myself "Damn!" I noticed that the pause button had been on the entire time! Smooth move, Bonehead! And to be honest, I was countin' on that deck to, uh, "refresh my memory" and also provide a setlist of the night's proceedings! Oh well, some days it's chicken and some days it's feathers, but with CDG there's always another show (in fact they'll be here in May)! Reverend Bob sent me some photos from the show. Luckily, I have a friend, a brain surgeon, who hooked me up to some kind of resonance machine, put a helmet on my head, goggles over my eyes, and vaseline on my forehead and, with a slight twinge of electricity vibrating thru my skull, rewound my memories back to the show and printed out some of the blobs of color I dreamed about. He called them electroencephalagrams and they eerily match Bob's photos (since we were sitting side-by-side)...strange but true!

- photos by Reverend Bob, electroencephalagram images and dream sequence by Craig Keyzer





















And here's some red-hot videos from this show:

Who Loves You (with Austin Young)

Minefield In My Mind









Newmarket, New Hampshire

Great venue, so glad I was able to attend this show. 4 nights in a row and it didn't get old. Ending with "Are You Experienced" definitely sent us home with a smile. Good times!

- notes and photos by John Dadalt

And here's Screenwriter's Blues from this show:

























Franklin, New Hampshire

- photos by John Dadalt




























Manchester, Connecticut

Some shots of the band reducing the Hungry Tiger to a pile of rubble!

- note and photos by John Dadalt

And here's some videos to prove it:

Drivin' South

You Suck





Woonsocket, Rhode Island

A few shots of the CDG tearing up Chan's!

- note and photos by John Dadalt



















Omaha, Nebraska

1st Set: Jump The Trane / Naturally / Crazy / Show Me That You Want It / Yes, It's You / Still I Think Of You
Get Outta' My Way / The Scrawl / One More Cup Of Coffee / Minefield Of My Mind / For No One
Angry Man / Hard Mind / Carelessness
2nd Set: C-Butt Rock / Hideaway-Peter Gunn Theme / The Best That I Can Do / Crazy For Your Love
Open Up Your Back Door (Turn Your Lights Down Low) / You Suck / Screenwriter's Blues
Star-Spangled Banner / Let's Have A Party / Letter To My Girlfriend / Big-Legged Woman / Sweet Little Girl
My Way Down / Cleopatra-Like Eric
Encore: People Say

Wow! Three CDG shows in three months - a new record for this guy (but it pales beside the roadtripping exploits of some fellow Duarte fans)! I didn't make it for the first few songs (thanks to Traci McNally for keeping a setlist until I arrived and to John McKnight for turning over his setlist to me after the show). With absolutely no speeding, I made it from Martell, Nebraska to the 21st Saloon in Omaha in about 50 minutes just as "Still I Think Of You" was starting up. This version of the Chris Duarte Group has proved themselves to be a tight-knit team, cranking out the songs seemingly without effort. John McKnight did a great job driving the engine from the back seat and Dustin Sargent anchored it all with his solid basslines. With a mixture of songs from the upcoming "Lucky 13" album, and old standbys, CDG kept the crowd happy including a steady stream of dancers. Some highpoints of the night included the instrumental "Minefield Of My Mind" following on the heels of "One More Cup Of Coffee" - it was full of flaming guitarwork that swept over the place like a firestorm. "For No One", a Beatles cover, was a quiet break and a broken guitarstring during "Hard Mind" (which was a play called from the huddle - not on the original setlist) allowed the rhythm section to shine. Another broken string during "Cleopatra" gave them another moment in the spotlight, playing around, quoting different songs (I swear I heard some riffs from "Brick House"). Another spontaneous call was 'The Star-Spangled Banner". As always, "Cleopatra" and "Like Eric" make a rockin' ending to the show. But wait! There's More! The encore was "People Say", followed by a long meandering instrumental - it sounded like it included "Stratus"! All in all it was an incredible show that lasted over three-and-a-half hours.

- review and photos by Thomas Joyce







Lincoln, Nebraska

1st Set: Birthday / Slapstack / Letter To My Girlfriend / Get Outta' My Way / It Comes To Me Naturally
Still I Think Of You / Crazy / For No One / Let's Have a Party
One More Cup of Coffee-Minefield of Your Mind / Crazy For Your Love / Drivin' South
2nd Set: Make Me Feel So Right / I Ain't Got You / Leave My Soul Alone / Screenwriter's Blues
My Way Down / The Ballad of Kohima Ridge / Jump The Trane
Encore: Manic Depression

CDG was back at the legendary Zoo Bar tonight, after an absence of less than two months! Chris has been playing here for close to 30 years! It was a great show, the band had it together and sounded great. Kenny and some fellow Iowans made the trek and the band opened with The Beatles' "Birthday" in honor of Kenny's birthday. Lots of extended solos during "Slapstack", "Still I Think Of You", and "Drivin' South". A long Joe Satriani-esque intro to "Crazy" and a now-standard psychedelic intro to "One More Cup Of Coffee". When the band came back for the encore, Chris said he would play "one more short song", then did the intro to "Ina-gadda-davida", "Alice's Restaurant" and "Dazed And Confused" before launching into "Manic Depression". It was a nice mix of old and new, with the band setting the place on fire. They'll be back in Nebraska for a show in September at The 21st Saloon.

- review and photos by Thomas Joyce














Denver, Colorado

1st Set: Jump The Trane / Crazy For Your Love / The Ballad Of Kohima Ridge / I Bucked It Up / Yes, It's You
Crazy / Leave My Soul Alone / One More Cup Of Coffee - Minefield / For No One / Screenwriter's Blues
Open Up Your Back Door / The Best That I Can Do / It Comes To Me Naturally
2nd Set: Show Me That You Want It / Sweet Little Girl / Here I Come / Manic Depression / Angry Man
Azul Ezell / Bottle Blues / My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric /
Encore: Carelessness

The Chris Duarte Group always puts on a muscular, over-the-top performance whenever they get a good night's sleep and don't have much driving to do that day. Such was the case when they moseyed on down into Denver from Dillon, a mere 60 miles away. Add in some sugar from homemade chocolate chip cookies and you have the recipe for a particularly kinetic show. Kicking things off was a new instrumental called "Jump The Trane" followed by another new song "Crazy For Your Love" from the upcoming new CD "Lucky 13" due to be released in October. It should be a great album if these cuts are any indication! Chris then did the rarely-played "Ballad Of Kohima Ridge" which was a nice surprise. Next came a series of jumpin' R&B tunes, performed with gusto, all of which ended on such powerful notes that I thought maybe the guitar was gonna' explode and implant shrapnel into the foreheads of those in front! The band then started to float into the sky on a wispy psychedelic groove as they leaned into "Leave My Soul Alone" and veered into "One More Cup Of Coffee" which had a new surprise instrumental tacked onto the end called "Minefield". It reminded me of The Who's "Sparks" on the Tommy album as it ricocheted around the room! The band then lovingly covered The Beatles "For No One", but from then on it was a blistering string of jukejoint songs: "Open Up Your Back Door", "The Best That I Can Do", "It Comes To Me Naturally", "Show Me That You Want It", "Sweet Little Girl", and "Here I Come" followed by a punch-to-the-gut version of "Manic Depression"! Another rarely-played song was "Azul Ezell" in which the guitar was more like a flamethrower! This exhausting, brainsqueezer of a concert ended with the incredible guitar throwdown "Carelessness", afterwhich I slowly oozed off of my seat down to the floor and, like the Blob, slithered to my car...

- review and craptacular photos by Craig Keyzer







Dillon, Colorado

1st Set: Hideaway / Angry Man / Show Me That You Want It / Crazy / Ridin' / Leave My Soul Alone
Screenwriter's Blues / Big-Legged Woman / Jump The Trane
2nd Set: The Best That I Can Do / Yes, It's You / I'll Never Know / For No One / Crazy For Your Love
My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric /
Encore: People Say

This show was the band's first stop in Colorado and was a free show put on by the mountain town of Dillon (meaning it had an early start time). Rev. Bob, Rick and myself left the summer heat of Denver that afternoon and headed west into the mountains. The Eisenhower Tunnel, a marvel of engineering built in 1954, is a long tunnel that bores through the Continental Divide. Oftentimes the weather is completely different when you come out the other end of it. Such was the case as we popped out into a foggy rainstorm that was relentless as we descended down to the lakeside town of Dillon. Exiting off of the highway I saw a most unusual sight (sorry, I didn't think to take a picture) - a black-robed man with a blinking red belt was holding up a large cross and screaming at the sky at the intersection as we waited for the light to turn green. There he was, stomping around in the cold rain, his white Amish-looking beard pointing to the heavens, holding up his cross and bellowing. A pretty impressive display of conviction I must say! We eyed the sky and it didn't look like it was going to let up anytime soon. Showtime was in a little over an hour at the lakeside amphitheater so we decided to go get some BBQ before the show. After eating some smoked meat we came outside to no rain and a cloudy sky that was breaking up! That guy in the black robe and blinking red belt must've been a Chris Duarte Group fan and was beseeching The Lord to stop the rain in time for the show. It worked and proved that CDG music is approved on high. The amphitheater was a small lakeside venue with an incredible view of the lake and the mountains. A small crowd of locals were beginning to fill the place as the sun set over the mountains. The band came on and opened with "Hideaway" which I hadn't heard in awhile. They were tight and polished and played a revved-up set of Old & New including some songs to be released this Fall on the new album "Lucky 13". My fave was a cool new one called "Crazy For Your Love" with some inspired playing by Mr. Duarte. I even got to hear "Big-Legged Woman" for the first time in years (y'all get to hear it all the time, but Chris never plays it when I'm at a show because of a bad review I wrote many moons ago in which I wished he would retire that song) which was a nice surprise! This was a short and sweet show, played perfectly, and we all looked forward to tomorrow night's show at The Toad back in Denver.

- lame review and photos by Craig Keyzer




I was ready! The Chris Duarte Group was coming back through Colorado for a secound time in less than a year. This was going to be a real treat! Outdoors at the new Dillon Amphitheater under the stars! About half way into the day as I was getting ready and the clouds rolled in and it started to rain - a lot. Undeterred, my cohorts in crime, Craig Keyzer and Rick Shaw, and myself headed up into the Rocky Mountains only to get stuck in a huge traffic jam on Interstate 70, and it continued to pour down. Still undeterred, we took a side road and by-passed a lot of the traffic jam and once again we were on our way into the hills! It's OK I thought, we're professionals, we've dealt with this before. After a quick stop for some barbeque, we arrived at the Amphitheater and the sun peaked out very slightly from behind the clouds and the rain stopped! We got there early and had a great time talking to the guys and listening to stories from the road. The weather was clearing up as they hit the stage, opening with a ripping version of "Hideaway" before going into an assortment of new material and old favorites. The band was sounding supertight like a well-oiled machine. Two sets with a cool version of "People Say" for the encore! It was a great night and I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all! Videos from the show are posted below. Be sure to give 'em a thumbs up if you like what you see!

I'll Never Know
For No One
Big-Legged Woman
Show Me That You Want It
The Best I Can Do
Leave My Soul Alone - Screenwriter's Blues
My Way Down
Cleopatra - Like Eric
People Say

Thanks for watching!

- review by Reverend Bob, grainy out-of-focus photo by Craig Keyzer




Cedar Rapids, Iowa

These great photos were taken by Phillip Smith







Lincoln, Nebraska

1st Set: C-Butt Rock / Ridin' / Show Me That You Want It / Yes, It's You / Screenwriter's Blues
Open Up Your Back Door / Sweet Little Girl / Leave My Soul Alone / One More Cup Of Coffee
Let's Have A Party / I Bucked It Up / Carelessness
2nd Set: Shuffle In D / The Best That I Can Do / Big-Legged Woman / Angry Man
I Love You So Madly / Make Me Feel So Right / Hold Back the Tears / Crazy / My Way Down
It Comes To Me Naturally / Cleopatra - Like Eric
Encore: People Say

After an absence of more than two years, Chris Duarte and his band of merry men arrived back in Lincoln. I've seen the band a few times since, at Knucklehead's in Kansas City and last year in Burlington Iowa, but there's nothing likes some hard rockin' blues in The Zoo Bar! I was also warmed to see that the photo on the concert poster was one that I had taken at Knucklehead's two years ago! Chris started off by paying tribute to The Zoo Bar as one of a trio of bars that consistently booked him back in his early days and then launched into the opening song "C-Butt Rock". Chris and the band played a combination of both old and new songs and mixed in danceable numbers with instrumentals that pretty near burned off our eyebrows. For me the highlights were the first set ending "Carelessness" (which sounds just as good without the violin that accompanies Chris on the CD) and the encore "People Say" which included a long solo and forays into riffs that were at once familiar yet brand new. There were several songs that were unfamiliar to me, which I assume will find their way on to the new CD. All said, a great show, and I look forward to the band's return in August!

- review and photos by Tom Joyce







Londonderry, New Hampshire

Shuffle In D / Yes, It's You / Open Up Your Back Door / Outta' My Way
Show Me That You Want It / Sweet Little Girl / I Bucked It Up
My Soul Alone / One More Cup Of Coffee / It Comes To Me Naturally
Letter To My Girlfriend / Angry Man / Big-Legged Woman
Screenwriter's Blues / My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric
Encore: The Best That I Can Do / Hold Back The Tears
I Love You So Madly / People Say

- photos by John Dadalt














Manchester, Connecticut

1st Set: Slapstak / What Can I Do? / Big-Legged Woman / Yes, It's You / Show Me That You Want It
Crazy / Bottle Blues / Here I Come / Sweet Little Girl / Leave My Soul Alone / Fire's Gone Out
Angry Man / I Bucked It Up / Shuffle In D
2nd Set: Let's Have A Party / Let's Have A Party / Do The Romp / Ridin' / I'll Never Know
Love You So Madly / Screenwriter's Blues / Kohima Ridge / For No One / Open Up Your Back Door
Sundown Blues / My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric

More cool photos from John Dadalt!
















Coventry, Connecticut

1st Set: Birthday / Bb Blues / Hideaway / Big-Legged Woman
Outta' My Way / Letter To My Girlfriend / Ridin'
Open Up Your Back Door / Peace In Mississippi / Leave Her Be
Angry Man / Borrowed Love / Just Kissed My Baby
It Comes To Me Naturally / Scrawl / For No One
Let's Have A Party / What Can I Do? / Tailspin Headwhack
Shiloh / Still I Think Of You / Crazy / C-Butt Rock
2nd Set: Do The Romp / Kohima Ridge
One More Cup Of Coffee / My Way Down / Sundown Blues
Wish You Were Here / Drivin' South / Star-Spangled Banner

This is from Mel Bidwell's 60th birthday party last night. Killer show...almost 4 hours of music, including the entire "Texas Sugar/Strat Magik" disc! I grabbed "Peace In Mississippi" with my phone and uploaded it to YouTube. Great stuff...enjoy!

- Mark McKay, with photos by John Dadalt

...and here's another YouTube link from this show!






































Woonsocket, Rhode Island

1st Set: Shuffle In D / Angry Man / Show Me That You Want It
Crazy / I Bucked It Up / Fire's Gone Out
Open Up Your Back Door / Sweet Little Girl
Leave My Soul Alone / Kohima Ridge / For No One
Yes, It's You / Leave Her Be / Azul Ezell
2nd Set: Hideaway / The Best That I Can Do
Letter To My Girlfriend / Watch Out / I Love You So Madly
Hold Back The Tears / Satisfy / Carelessness
Let's Have A Party / Make Me Feel So Right / My Way Down
Cleopatra - Like Eric

- photo by John Dadalt















Blawnox, Pennsylvania

What a gig! Several brand new songs, Beatles and Jimi tunes I'd never heard him do.....amazing! Man Oh Man! And that was just one gig. I so wish that I could have seen more. Enjoy the video!

- Arthur Creech


















Las Vegas, Nevada

Here's some photos of the show taken by Bob Burchess. This was the band's first time playing at this club.




Crystola, Colorado

1st Set: New Instrumental / Show Me That You Want It / Yes, It’s You / Still I Think Of You / Crazy
Tailspin Headwhack / It Comes To Me Naturally / I Bucked It Up / It's Quittin' Time / Ridin'
Open Up Your Back Door / One More Cup Of Coffee / Carelessness

2nd Set: Big-Legged Woman / The Best That I Can Do / Make Me Feel So Right / Leave My Soul Alone
Sundown Blues / Screenwriter's Blues / Manic Depression / Catfish Blues / My Way Down / People Say

Here's some video clips of the show that were shot by Reverend Bob:








In-Store Performance
Boulder, Colorado

Big-Legged Woman
Sweet Little Girl
It's Quittin' Time
(1st time performed live)
Just Kissed My Baby
Show Me That You Want It
Open Up Your Back Door
My Way Down

Here's some video clips of the show posted by Reverend Bob:






-photos by Rick Shaw


















Denver, Colorado

1st Set: New Instrumental / Show Me That You Want It / Ridin' / Yes, It’s You
Scrawl / Open Up Your Back Door / Crazy / Outta' My Way / I Bucked It Up
Sweet Little Girl / Just Kissed My Baby / Let's Have A Party / Live For Tomorrow
Do The Romp / Carelessness
(1st time performed live)

2nd Set: Hideaway / Screenwriter's Blues / Tailspin Headwhack
The Best That I Can Do / Make Me Feel So Right / Bottle Blues
Letter To My Girlfriend / Watch Out
Leave My Soul Alone - Blue Jean Outlaw
(1st time performed live)
My Way Down / Cleopatra - Like Eric /
Encore: Wish You Were Here

The Chris Duarte Group pounded out an intense 3-hour show after driving over 600 miles from Missouri to Colorado (the day before they had also driven over 600 miles from Atlanta to Missouri!). This was my first time seeing drummer John McKnight and I was blown away. Not since seeing Frosty play back in 1995 has there been a drummer with such power and finesse. John has been drumming a long time and is a real pro, a drummer's drummer. He adds another gear to the band's sound and also contributes background vocals on several songs such as "Outta' My Way" and "I Bucked It Up". It's always great to see Dustin Sargent on the bass. He is such a natural fit to Chris' playing and he and John McKnight make a lethal rhythm section for Chris to play with, against, and on top of.
Sporting his gold-flaked guitar and shorter hair-do, Chris eased into the show with a new instrumental track I hadn't heard before. He then downshifted into several newer songs and never looked back. Everyone was sweating by the second or third song. Chris always plays at his best when he's backed by a solid, confident band, one that frees him up to just play and has his back on each and every song. The entire show was riveting, intense, and professionally played with power to burn. They played so hard it was emotionally draining to just watch, kind of like watching MMA in the octagon. Several times I just closed my eyes in order to listen to the song and not watch the musical storm onstage. Paul Barnstable from the band Another Mother sat in on a couple songs and went toe-to-toe with Chris. It wasn't just a throwdown, they complimented each other very nicely. The first set ended with a free-form instrumental that took me awhile to realize that it was "Carelessness" but without the electric violin! This was the first time this song has been performed live and we were treated to another debut performance of "Blue Jean Outlaw" which was very effectively tacked onto the end of "Leave My Soul Alone"! This combination worked really well together and made for a poignant ending. Several songs had extended solos and the 3-hour show ended with a nice version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". I felt like a wrung-out towel after watching the Chris Duarte Group tear up the Toad and I'm sure they were exhausted and looking forward to a good night's sleep and a day with very little driving! A great show by a killer band!

Here's some video clips of the show provided by Reverend Bob:




-review by Craig Keyzer, photos by Rick Shaw


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